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About is a continuous on-line marketplace offering an easy-to-use platform for exploration and production companies to utilize to assist them with their M&A objectives. allows buyers and sellers the flexibility and convenience of conducting their merger and acquisition service activities on-line 24/7/365 days a year.

Anyone can view available properties on the website at zero cost. For one annual fee, E&P companies can have an unlimited amount of employees post an unlimited amount of properties for sale. does NOT charge a commission OR a fee if transactions are completed. All communication is directly between the selling party and potential acquisition parties with zero involvement from How it Works

  • 1. Sign up to
  • 2. List Your Asset For Sale
  • 3. Review's and Approves your listing
  • 4. Open the Choke! Invite your network and share it on social media
  • 5. Self-Manage the listing and receive qualified offers on your property Services

The process is designed to allow E&P companies with the ability to professionally manage any acquisition and/or divestiture in-house, through our web-based platform, without the requirement for third party assistance. We focus on providing a platform conducive to delivering extensive technical information in formats that have proven successful in virtually every aspect of oil and gas asset acquisitions and divestitures. We focus on allowing the selling party the flexibility to create and display well-rounded accurate marketing materials, effectively manage data distribution through our on-line virtual data room and to efficiently manage the sale process by utilizing a proprietary platform.